EXXE Group posts Stellar Returns amid an Inconducive Market

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July 13, 2022
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EXXE Group, a consortium with a diverse fintech portfolio, has published its fiscal report for the fourth quarter and the full-year financial results for the period concluding March 31, 2022. The report projects strong earnings, a record profit appreciation ,and an overall stellar outlook for the future prospects of the company despite a challenging business environment with inflation at its all-time high. Looking ahead, the company has clear sailing ahead as it continues to further bolster its core business drivers and subsequently outshine the competition with its diverse yet integrative business model.

EXXE Group CEO Dr. Eduard Nazmiev expressed his comments about his company’s boastful financial performance and said that he was especially pleased with the net and operating income achievements, which had put the company on track for its landmark year. With their additional ventures in the Metaverse and crypto segments, alongside holdings in green energy, the way ahead is promising, as Dr Nazmiev believed that whatever the future may throw at the company, EXXE Group is in a position to weather all storms and continue to generate sales, profit and make a meaningful change in the skyline of the world.

The numbers posted by the fintech company are very promising indeed. The revenue bump owes much of itself to the profitable business outreaches by M-Moto and Daskonzept, which have exceeded shareholder expectations to display an unrivaled business model.

Here is a quick, salient overview of the numbers, which are as below,

  • Annual revenue increased by 47 percent, from $33.9 million (FY-21) to $49.8 million (FY-22).
  • Annual net profit grew almost 64 percent from $6.6 million in FY-21 to $10.8 million in FY-22.
  • Total assets saw a 16 percent increase, whereas shareholder equity grew 25 percent to $173 million, up from $138 million in the previous fiscal year.
  • Quarterly net profit has skyrocketed; with a massive 5 percent increment, going from $1.6 million to $3.03 million.

At the helm of this powerhouse

The performers who have contributed significantly to such a meteoric rise of the EXXE Group’s finances are two businesses that have exceeded expectations and have proved the mettle of their teams. These are,

  1. M-MOTO: The automotive line M-MOTO is the crown jewel of the EXXE portfolio. In the high-end auto repair industry, which is a market proving to be recession-resistant, M-MOTO is carving out a niche for itself with a 24 percent increase in revenue; now up to $9.1 million.
  2. Daskonzept: The interior design agency Daskonzept Group is another star of this year’s reports, with $3.7 million in revenues and more than $1 million in profits against a period of eight months. This boon comes courtesy of commercial and governmental projects and a slew of other new concepts like co-working and profit-sharing. With EXXE at the helm, Daskonzept is on track to deliver even more and become a shareholder favorite.

The future

The way ahead is clear and full of growth and new opportunities for the fintech sector, and EXXE stands squarely in the middle of it, ready to reap the benefits of its infallible business strategies. The company is generating nearly $50 million in annual revenues, as per Dr. Nazmiev, and the company only has up to go onwards.

Exxe Group, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, Press release picture

For more information, please visit https://exxegroup.com/

Or Contact their Investor Relations at: [email protected]


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