Top Features of a Successful Investor Relations Website Design

In today’s world of digital technology, it is essential to create a strong appearance on the internet for edging over your competitors and standing out from the rest. Investor Relations site is a platform that is extremely important for a company to engage and communicate with investors, businesses or public companies. Consulting and providing them with helpful, timely, and accurate information to gain confidence and trust. The best IR websites provide helpful insights and a positive user experience.

We’ve consulted with our experts to explain the features required for a successful Investor Relations Website design. Let’s get into them.

Brand Focused IR Homepage

The first impression for any visitor on your IR website will be the homepage; therefore, it is crucial to have a design that explains your brand and provides the visitor with vital information. The visitors should be able to navigate effortlessly through any information they are looking for, and it helps with a better user experience. As the homepage is the most visited page, it should have helpful guides, Latest Press releases, Latest News, Latest Quarterly Results, Financial reports, etc., in a very concise and simplified way for the visitors who visit your website daily.

Tells Your Brand Story

Who are you? That’s what goes into every investor’s mind when they see an investor relations site. It would be best if you told your story in a captivating way visually by infographics and icons. Everyone should easily access your investment proposition, financial reports, important information and data about your company on the website homepage. There should be transparency between your company and visitors as it helps retain confidence in the existing investors and attract new ones.

Connect and Stay in Touch

Connecting and staying in touch with the visitors is equally important. There should be a separate section in an investor relations website design for information, FAQs, queries, news, emails, and even a button for the visitor to request a meeting directly with the company. It can develop a communication bridge between the visitor and your company.

Investor Relations Web Design Responsiveness

Long ago, everyone was using monitors, and the websites were designed for an average screen size for visitors. But as we all know, the world has evolved rapidly from desktops to laptops to mobile phones, and now everyone can access your website from various devices. Therefore, your investor relations website design needs to respond accordingly to the user’s platform, screen size, and preferences.


Mobile-Friendly Design

Anybody looking for a small piece of information will instantly take out their mobile phones and search for it on the internet. More than 50% of the visitor’s access websites through their mobile phones. As for the investor relations site, the design should be responsive and mobile-friendly. It contains information like the financial records, important information about your company, latest reports, etc., that need to be displayed properly on mobile phones for better user experience.

SEO Optimized Investor Relations Website

Most PR specialists ask, “why is SEO important for investor relations websites? “The answer is, Search engine optimization is the primary key for any website to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and grow organically. SEO is one of the most important features for a successful investor relations website design. It is not just used for ranking but also to optimize the user experience and provide brand awareness. Suppose your Investor Relations Website is SEO optimized. In that case, it can attract many investors through the search engine, which will result in increased visibility of your brand and significantly high chances of edging over your competitors.

SSL Secure

Investor Relations website design should be fully secured as it contains data and information. 64% of the visitors will leave the site immediately if it isn’t secured. On the other hand, if your website is SSL secured, visitors are comfortable enough to put their information and contact email. The SSL security ensures the user about the website’s authenticity and helps in gaining trust. Securing your website is also a part of SEO, as Google prefers fully protected websites.


Page Speed Optimized

The first thing any visitor will notice on your website will be the speed of your landing pages (website load time can be checked on page speed insights). There’s likely a chance if a user has to wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load, they’ll switch to another website. Your Investor Relations Website Design should be fully optimized in terms of speed. It can be achieved by optimizing JavaScript codes, CSS, and properly sized images. Reliable hosting with 100% up-time also plays an important role in loading website pages faster.

Core Web Vital Optimized

Core Web Vitals are the three metrics used to measure the quality of user experience. If any website fails to comply with these metrics, there’s room for improvement. Investor Relations website design should have core web vitals fully optimized to achieve the best user experience. These metrics are explained below:


Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

It is used to measure the loading speed of a page. The largest content of the page should load within 2.5 seconds for the best user experience. If it is taking more, then LCP needs to be improved and optimized.

First Input Delay (FIP)

It is used to measure the interactivity of your website pages. The interactivity with the pages should begin in less than 100 milliseconds for a good user experience. FIP needs improvement if it is taking more time.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

CLS is used to measure the visual stability of your website. The visuals should be stable once the web page starts loading and maintain the CLS under 0.1 for a good user experience.

Easy to Navigate Financials

Displaying financial reports and your investment propositions are essential to your investors. Financials are the first thing any investor wants to see when visiting an investor relations site. It provides them with the information about your company if it is a good investment for their needs. Investor Relations website design should have financial reports, Stock Data, Company Information, Presentations, Latest News, etc., displayed in an obvious way and easily accessible to anyone. These documents and information should be available in different formats, such as HTML and PDF.

Allowing access to the company’s past records and financial reports in a separate section would help visitors navigate effortlessly for the information they are looking for without any complications. The Investor Relations website design should comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and provide timely and accurate data under proper check and balance. These features should be designed engagingly and notably for a seamless user experience.


Investor Relations sites are developed for brand awareness and to portray your story. The design should be engaging and eye-catchy enough to stand out from the rest of your competition. The best ir websites are effortless to navigate any important information about the company and its financial reports. Market Media Connect develops IR websites that are SEC Compliant and provide a seamless user experience to attract new investors and retain the existing ones.

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December 27, 2021

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