MMC’s Guide to Plumber Marketing

The plumbing business is ever-growing and constant, with some real competition as well. If you have a plumbing company and want to market your company online, then our guide to plumber marketing for 2023 is going to sweep you off your feet. The world is constantly changing, and with the pandemic taking away most of the real-world market, companies are moving towards the digital market.

The internet is where all the business is now taking place, and this is where people are going to buy services or goods. Let’s see some strategies that will help your business grow and transition into the digital world.

Strategies for Plumber Marketing in 2023

Traditional marketing is still essential, but smartphones have made the internet a much bigger marketplace. People are searching for goods and services all the time, just by using their smartphones, making the internet a place full of new prospects and untapped resources. Digital marketing agencies that offer complete digital marketing solutions are your best bet to achieve online success.

1. Take Control of Your Google Business Listing

Search engines are where people go instantly to find out more about what they want or need. This means that if you want your plumbing business to be easy to find, you must claim your GMB account. It is very easy to set up and requires only your basic information like your address, phone number, and company name.

2. Create your unique plumbing website

Your most important footprint on the internet is your website. It is the central hub of your whole operation and online existence. A good-looking website unique to your brand identity can increase your credibility and even get you some new clients.

Many plumbing companies are using plumber marketing strategies and are driving genuine traffic to their websites. This traffic is then converted into leads which are then turned into sales and clients. This whole system depends on your website. Without a good website, your plumber marketing has very low chances of success.

Your website must have:

  • Professional Logo
  • Unique Theme and Identity
  • Call to action with your phone number
  • Your operational area
  • The services that you provide
  • Your distinctions
  • Testimonials from your satisfied clients

3. Social Media Presence is Key in Plumber Marketing

A good-looking and professional Facebook page can make you a star online. Every day millions of people log into many different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you want to capture the attention of everyone, you must create a strong presence on these platforms. Create a Facebook page for your plumbing company, and start pumping in unique content.

Apart from all this, these platforms also act as an advertising platform for your business. Facebook Ads are a very powerful way to get new leads on a budget. This paired up with a social media funnel can help you get a lot of new traffic and leads.

4. Take Care of Reputation Management

It can be challenging to manage your reputation online, and good reviews matter a lot. Driving your reviews online is called reputation management. Good reviews create a positive image online and are a critical part of plumber marketing. You can do this yourself or hire an agency to do it for you. The service business relies a lot on referrals and reviews, so reputation management is critical for your success online.

You can get these reviews simply by:

  • Sending your customers a form and asking for their reviews with their credentials.
  • Publishing the feedback you get from old customers.
  • Encouraging your customers to give you five-star ratings online and leaving positive reviews.

5. Run Call-Only Ads

If you think like a customer, you might realize that people usually don’t like to fill out forms in case of an emergency. People just want your number so they can get their job done as quickly as possible. This means that call-only ads work like a charm in plumber marketing strategies. You start getting the calls you want to turn your business the other way around.

These ads get you good-quality leads that are pretty easy to convert into actual customers. A good advertising agency can get you daily calls ranging somewhere between 15-45.

6. Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another plumber marketing technique that your plumbing company can utilize. These are paid promotions that show up at the highest point of the search pages.

This strategy chips away at an offering framework. You select the words you need to trigger your advertisements and set a maximum bid. On the off chance that your bid is among the most noteworthy, your promotion will show up at the highest point of the page.

The best part about PPC promotion is the capacity to pick your spending plan. You set your most extreme bid and won’t ever pay over that sum or need to stress over causing extra expenses.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When individuals are searching for the best plumber companies, they almost every time search on Google. You need your site to show up on the primary page of results so individuals can discover your business easily.  SEO helps support your rankings in searches for specific keywords and expressions identified with your plumber company. It is essential to rank on the main page of results on the grounds that 75% of searchers don’t go past that page. This makes SEO an integral part of plumber marketing in 2023.

8. Pick the correct keywords.

In the first place, you’ll need to get going by directing keyword exploration to decide the expressions individuals search online to discover your plumbing business.  It is ideal for adhering to long-tail keywords as opposed to short-tail keywords. Short tail, similar to “plumber” is very common and widely searched. Then again, a long tail, which contains multiple words, can assist you with bringing qualified leads.

At the point when potential clients lead look, they aren’t utilizing short-tail words. They are looking for “plumbers in California” or “plumbing services in California.”

9. Print Advertising

Even though there has been a reduction in paper viewership, placing a promotion in the neighborhood papers or magazines can, in any case, catch a couple of good leads.

Remember that a few property holders are resigned residents, get their papers conveyed, and may just incline toward print media. Maybe consider running a print advertisement in the paper conveyed to a retirement home or senior living local area.

Final Takeaway

If you want to really succeed in plumber marketing, the best option is to hire a digital marketing company that caters to the specific needs of plumbers. Market Media Connect is such an agency that can help you drive real results in your plumbing business. Make the decision right now as the world has already adapted to the digital era, don’t get left behind.

Nasir April 16, 2021

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