Impact Analysis: Exploring the Effects of March 2024 Google Core Update on Website Rankings

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March 25, 2024
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March 2024 Google Core Update promises to bring significant changes and site impacts in comparison with its previous update. The aim is to discourage low-quality content or AI-generated content by introducing spam policies targeting manipulative practices.

Important points of the update 

  • Google`s March update is directed towards improving search result quality 
  • Reduce un-original content in the search results by 40%
  • Spam policies tackling, website reputation abuse and expired domain abuse 
  • Two months’ notice from Google to site owners before enforcing the spam policy

It looks like this update is more extensive as compared to the previous one. If you are keen to know the impact of the March 2024 Core Update on websites, please keep reading to find out.

March 2024 Google Core Update: Everything you need to know 


The primary focus of this update is to improve Google search results. Elizabeth Tucker, director of product for search at Google claimed that we are bringing some changes to our core ranking system. The purpose is to refine search results and provide the best relevant information to the users.

Let’s see what else this update offers 

Refined Quality Rankings 

Google has always been busy helping users by bringing algorithmic updates. In its previous update, Google tried to combat low-quality content. Looks like the 2024 update is built on these efforts.

This refined system will respond better to the pages, created to offer a better user experience. Google aims to minimize at least 40% low quality, spammy content through these coordinated efforts.

Content Abuse 

With the evolution of technology, Artificial intelligence is influencing widely. These days we have AI tools to write content, they generate content faster and quicker. However, AI`s lacking capability to produce helpful content is what de-ranking the websites.

Google has observed tons of non-useful data available on its website. Therefore, it is going after AI content that is failing to deliver quality and manipulates search rankings. In simple words, this update is to stop AI content generation on a massive level to boost website rankings.

Here are some key points 

  • Improved Content Detection Mechanisms: Google is becoming smarter with every passing day. Now it has improved the algorithms to evaluate the content quality generated through automated processes.  Call it an impact of the March 2024 Core Update, or efforts from Google to improve search results for the users.
  • Penalties: Websites displaying AI content may face penalties unless they are providing user-centric content. Non-compliance to the policies may result in the removal of the websites.
  • Improved focus on delivering value: The impact of Google’s latest initiative requires every admin to produce helpful and relevant content for the users. This is the only option to remain safe from unwanted Google penalties.

Site reputation abuse 

Some websites with unique content often host websites with poor-quality content. The goal is to capitalize on the strong reputation of the hosting site. For instance, a website wants you to post its content that is low quality.

Consequently, your users will also be discouraged from seeing this type of content as they have been your prime audience. Google will remove such websites after serving a two-month notice to such website owners. 

Spam Policies 

Another aspect of the recent Google update is to combat spam practices. In simple words, Google is now discouraging the use of content to manipulate search engine rankings. Google is particularly targeting expired domains, repurposed for spam practices.

Google is taking such harsh steps to ensure that content available on websites is not for pleasing search engines but for helping the users. 

Is Google Targeting AI-Generated Content?

This core update is sparking a new debate in the digital world. Everyone wonders why Google is coming after AI-generated content. A few reports are claiming it, while Google has a primary focus on targeting websites with unhelpful, non-relevant, and poor content.

Therefore, providing fresh and updated content is becoming a key factor for businesses to improve website performance. Failure to bring the required changes will result in deindexing the website. According to Matt. G. Southern from search Engine General, Google has deindexed several websites with low-quality content. also supports this claim about Google removing pages with poor-quality content that is unhelpful for the ultimate user. It shows that AI content is not the target here, while a written piece fails to satisfy users. Such content falls in the spammy category according to the current update.

Predicting the impact of Google’s latest initiative

It is predicted that such updates will result in providing useful content and avoiding spam practices. Consequently, when a user searches for anything, he will likely get relevant results in return.

Moreover, the reduction in poor content will increase website visibility, that is providing genuine content to the audience. This will improve overall user experience, for instance, if you are searching about “how to clean my bed“ you will find websites specializing in cleaning.

Relevance in search results 

A user always expects desired results whenever he clicks on a website. For instance, if you are looking for a shirt, you would want sites offering shirts to appear in front of you. Google Core update is focusing on doing the same.

Over time, you may see highly relevant results in response to user queries over the search engine. This will not only help users but also improve your website performance in SERPs. When the audience gets the desired results, it prefers landing on your website and spending more time.

So, focus on updating content that is helping the user rather than dodging Google. 

What are SEO Considerations in the wake of the Update?

So far, we have learned how Google updates will impact website rankings. However, there are important concepts to focus on for accomplishing higher search engine rankings. Website owners must know that Google update is implemented on a larger part to enhance content quality.

In addition, this update integrates numerous adjustments to Google algorithms, aimed at offering trustworthy results.  You may find this update an isolated one, while it is a part of Google’s 2023 spam update rollout to deal with problems like low-quality content and site reputation abuse.

Signs March 2024 Google Core Update affected your website


If you are worried about knowing whether Google updates hit your website? Please consider the below 

  • Lower rankings: After rolling out every update, SEOs often check the SERPs (Search engine page results). Your page rank will inform you about the result of Google Core update. You can use the Google search console to check the website page rank.
  • Reduced Traffic: Look at your organic rankings after the update, it will give you an insight into the impact of Google’s latest initiative. In addition, you may witness a huge drop in the first five positions on Google after the March core update.

The above two signs will let you know whether your website has been penalized by Google or not.  During an inspection of your website rankings, take some time to check the traffic of each page for a better understanding.

Steps to recover from Google Core update 

In case your website has hit after the March core update you have to take steps to improve your website performance. We have brought some useful tips for you to put your business back on track.


  • View Google Quality Rater guidelines 

Read Google quality rater guidelines before crawling your website in the search engine to find out the real issues.  These will help you know what search engines are expecting from your websites. In simple words, Google wants your content to have (EAT) Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Therefore, access your content from every aspect to ensure it complies with Search engine guidelines. In case your website has too many pages, make sure to check the most valuable pages. In a nutshell, your content should focus on 

  • Expertise
  • Quality 
  • Presentation
  • Production

When you strive to offer the best possible content to the users, they will spend more time on your website. Google will find your business helpful for the user and reward you with top rankings.

  • Develop a powerful backlinking Profile 

Regardless of the Google core update, backlinking remains an essential ranking factor. Therefore, check your backlinks using various tools to analyze the situation. In addition, verify the outbound links pointing toward your website, the more quality links you have, more the Google will rank your site up.

Regularly assessing and updating your content is key to gaining high-quality link juice from top-ranking websites. When another website is endorsing yours, it will educate google about the worth of your website.

  • Conduct Technical Audits 

Paying attention to the technical aspects of your website is a great approach to recovering from the March 2024 Google Core Update Impact. Core updates often lack adequate information during their rollout. This can negatively impact your ranking keywords and overall website rank.

Therefore, start improving your technical side by running continuous site audits. It will ensure your website is easy to crawl for the search engines. You can do it by optimizing alt tags and optimizing metadata.

If you are a new site owner lacking appropriate knowledge about conducting technical audits, starting with title tags and metadata is a perfect first step toward glory. After that, your second step should be developing a successful keyword research strategy and optimizing your content.

  • Monitor Website States 

After every Google update, you need to monitor the website stats to realize the actual situation. In addition, closely monitor your keyword research data along with general analytics. Don’t forget to monitor impressions and clicks in the Google search console.

A slight drop in your keyword ranking provides sufficient insight. In other words, it can educate you to make some changes to overcome the challenges after the Google update. These include modifying your content and changing keywords’ position.

  • Produce Unique Content

So, you have completed the above 4 steps which means you are almost there. Now the final step requires you to produce unique, high-quality, and keyword-rich content, Remember, you have to help the audience by naturally answering their queries. Don’t try to force keywords into the content or else Google will not find your content very helpful.

Why there is a need to monitor Algorithm changes 

Monitoring the updates will help you to take steps and remain ahead of your competition, The Digital world is very competitive, and even a slight negligence can throw you out of the competition, Similarly, failing to monitor the Google updates will de-rank your website.

For instance, if you are ignoring the March core update, you will fail to modify your content and your site will de-rank if fallen into spam content. 

While closely tracking the change will help in 

  • Increased search engine rankings 
  • Improved user experience 
  • Competitive edge  
  • Optimization 

Ending Notes 

March 2024 Google Core Update is bringing dramatic changes in the way websites display their content. The current update aims to reduce the poor content that lacks answering user queries. Moreover, it focuses on producing fresh and user-oriented content that can benefit the audience.

As a result, the websites failing to comply will be removed from Google. Above we have explained everything you need to know about the impact of Google Match update on your website. In addition, there are steps for recovery so you can save your business from penalties 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the impact of Google Core Update?

In simple words, a website with a top ranking may de-rank after a core update rollout, while a site with a low ranking may gain a top rank in results.

What is the March 2024 Google Core Update?

March 2024 Google Core Update explains removing websites from indexing, that are involved in generating spam content that fails to answer a user query 

Is the Google March update coming after AI-generated content?

The main focus of this update is to reduce the low-quality content that is not helping users.

How to Recover from the impact of Google’s latest initiative?

  • Closely monitor your website stats
  • Perform website audit 
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Incorporate new keywords when required


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