SEO For HVAC Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, otherwise collectively known as HVAC, is a business in boom right now. 

With new projects springing up, and the world experiencing a climate shift for the worse, it’s everybody’s priority now that they have both heating and air conditioning. 

What you, as an HVAC business owner, do in this situation, is mostly up to your business manager. But what’s understood and obvious here is that you’re going to need SEO for your HVAC company. 

Regardless of what happens on the business side, the marketing side, complemented with HVAC SEO service will ensure that business leads don’t dry up and the boom continues. 

So, here’s our guide on the ins and outs of SEO for HVAC companies. 

As you might understand from this, marketing is rapidly moving from the conventional medium to the digital realm. 

No longer are companies marketing via newspapers and TV adverts, now we have digital forums to take into account: 

Now people search out businesses instead of businesses launching adverts and then waiting for the people to come. 

So, HVAC SEO services have quite an importance now; if you want to see your HVAC business flourish and the leads pouring in, you will have to invest in SEO and get a nice strategy to ensure that your digital presence is up to the mark. 

What Is SEO For HVAC Companies?

What is SEO HVAC

So, like we said, HVAC SEO marketing isn’t something entirely new; it’s essentially the same old SEO just being repurposed for HVAC and their companies. 

The same strategies and tricks, tips that you would employ for SEO for say, an e-commerce website can be applied for SEO. 

So why is it that we’re here discussing SEO for HVAC specifically? One of the basic building blocks or elements of any SEO bid are keywords, which obviously change according to the market or the niche. 

So, for HVAC SEO, you are going to get in on keywords that relate specifically to HVAC searches, using content geared for HVAC audiences or targeted towards search queries or FAQs regarding ACs and whatnot. 

Using this, we can simply state that SEO for HVAC will then comprise of content that’s written for people looking at HVAC queries, for firms that are looking to increase revenue from their HVAC holdings and keywords that target popular HVAC queries and searches. 

But that’s not all; since your audience has changed, you won’t be marketing for e-commerce experts or people looking to get into e-commerce; 

Now, your target market will be homeowners or HVAC professionals, which is an entirely different market and audience, which means catering to said audience will now be different.

Let’s have a quick breakdown of what is SEO for HVAC companies. 

1. Keywords:

The HVAC market and niche has different keywords, like AC repair or AC technician near me. 

2. Audience: 

The audience will primarily be made up of homeowners, HVAC professionals or contractors with access to projects. 

3. Content:

Since the audience is different, the content will now be targeted towards the specific audience. Gone are hip, trendy articles, hello professional sounding blogs. 

Beyond that, SEO for HVAC contractors will pretty much follow the same course as any other SEO bid for any other niche or market. 

Now, onto why plumbing HVAC SEO is so crucial. 

Why HVAC SEO Marketing Is Imperative?

Why HVAC SEO marketing is imperative

SEO has carved for itself a pretty domineering position within the realm of digital marketing; whereas many will tell you that its days are numbered, the simple facts are hard to deny and portray an entirely different picture. 

Anyways, if you think Google is the best thing to have ever happened on the internet, well then, SEO is something that you should be investing in. 

Even if you don’t, well then sit down, because the world essentially revolves around Google and anything anybody does, does through Google. So, yeah, SEO isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

But for HVAC companies, why is SEO so important? 

We understand that many online business transactions start with a search on a browser and that people are more likely to stick to the first few results on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

With these very crucial facts in mind, let us quantify SEO again. 

Because a good majority of business transactions done online start with a Google search, therefore getting on Google is absolutely crucial. 

And since the first few results of the SERPs are really what matter, SEO will help your website, firm or HVAC service company get to the top, and stay at the top. 

Because, as the joke goes, if you want to hide a dead body, the second page of Google is a good place to start. 

Since more and more people are now turning towards the internet for answers to everything, including potential HVAC queries, SEO is your ticket to getting dominant on the search engines where these searches take place. 

SEO, when done right, will ensure that your online presence and digital outreach both result in a beneficial return on investment (RoI), since SEO, while cost-effective, will run you a certain amount in your marketing budget. 

Let’s take a closer look at why SEO for HVAC contractors is so crucial,

1. More Business Leads:

SEO done properly will allow your website to be ranked higher on the SERPs than others, meaning that whenever somebody searches for HVAC stuff, they will get your website first, 

Thus making it likely that they will close their business transaction with you. This means actively more business leads than you would’ve gotten out of any other marketing shtick.

If you’re thinking about creating a website for your HVAC business, you should let Marketing Marketing do it for you. They have the experience and expertise to create a website that will help you attract and retain customers.

2. More Online Presence: 

Online presence is all that counts these days; even if you don’t close a business deal or materialise a business lead, the fact that your website is on the top means that people will still access your website and drive traffic towards it, making and keeping it relevant. 

3. Better Digital Outreach: 

Having an SEO-optimized website doing your work for you is very good, as it solves many problems in just one go. 

We know that it creates more business for you via leads that it generates from the internet, but it also allows for better outreach as people who have relatively minor problems will be able to get help from the blogs on your website. 

Even though in this case you haven’t conducted actual business, you will still have made a customer, who in the future, might conduct business solely with you. 

Other than that, SEO for HVAC companies will also mean that contractors and businesspeople looking to install some HVAC equipment or have it repaired will be able to view your website and the pricing etc, allowing them to make a decision easily. 

In short, business will be booming before SEO, but after a good SEO strategy has been implemented, it’ll be raining cats and dogs with business leads just waiting to be converted into actual business. 

Honestly, you would wonder how you actually got this far without SEO. 

How To Do SEO For HVAC Contractors

How to do SEO for HVAC contractors

Now let’s talk about some basics of HVAC SEO, because while the basic modifiers remain the same, there’s still a lot that is unique to SEO for HVAC and should be treated as such. 

We will talk about the stuff that we’ve talked about beforehand; keywords, content and whatnot, but we’ll also look at some stuff that we haven’t touched on previously, but still remain very much elemental to an entire SEO campaign. 

Let’s begin. 

1. Location-Targeting Keywords: 

Whenever we’re talking about targeting potential customers using keywords, you have to take into account the fact that the customer is always going to want something that is easy to get. 

For instance, if someone wants HVAC services, to come repair their heat or AC for them, they are not going to wait an hour or two for the guy to arrive; 

the closer the location, the better and more chances you have of appealing more to a customer. 

This is what translates into keywords, which makes targeting even easier: location-targeting 


How does it work? 

Well, people looking for HVAC services will first look for a service that’s close in vicinity.

Keywords that include locales, cities or ending with ‘near me’ are always a good start. 

For instance, for a service in Houston, TX, you’re going to want keywords that look like this:

HVAC professional in Houston, HVAC services in Houston. 

For local SEO, you will have to go with keywords like ‘HVAC services near me’. The rest is Google’s job of determining the location of the user and suggesting them an appropriate solution. 

2. Pay Attention To E-A-T: 

No, don’t start ordering DoorDash or anything else just yet; we’re not talking about that E.A.T.

No, we’re talking about Expertise, Authority and Trust, the three main pillars on which Google views your business and accordingly ranks it for users to conduct their business with. 

You see, there are a lot of businesses out there, and not all are looked upon favourably by Google; if you have a ton of negative reviews, Google is most likely to demote your ranking in favour of other good businesses. 

E-A-T is what you can use to increase your standing in the eyes of the search engine giant.

Expertise means that you know what you’re on about; 

you can’t provide HVAC services and then scratch your head when you cross R32 gas. Therefore, Google needs to know if you’re actually an expert on the topic that you’re providing services for. 

A is authority, and this is where website ranking comes in. 

Authority is basically you being and knowing better than your competitors; this creates an authority that what you know and can do, nobody else can. 

Google values this and this can allow for a higher ranking within the Google SERPs. 

Lastly, we have T, which is trust. 

Remember how we talked about Google degrading a business just because they don’t have good reviews? 

That’s the trust part working here. If customers can’t trust your business, Google isn’t doing anybody a favour suggesting it to people. 

It’s a stain on Google’s own reputation. 

Therefore, building trust is imperative; the more good reviews and recurring customers you have, the better your ranking on Google is going to be, and that is what SEO is all about. 

3. Collect Good Reviews For Local SEO: 

A good SEO strategy will take into account everything; local SEO will be among its first priorities. 

Because Google uses local SEO for responding with good queries for local searches, your business will then use good reviews to rank highly among local contenders. 

Now, the best and quickest way to do it would be to collect and aggregate good reviews that you have had on your business page and display them accordingly. 

Good ratings and reviews help Google to rank your business higher among local businesses that have a history of good service and great reviews. 

Google displays these reviews and rankings very high on their pages, so make sure you only put in the best that you have gotten so far. 

Websites like Yelp! exist solely because people want to know beforehand if the business they are intending to close a transaction with is any good. 

Many new and better optimized websites display customer satisfaction reviews very prominently on their websites for the sole purpose of enticing other customers to try their highly lauded services. 

Therefore, for your local SEO bid, good reviews are going to play a very crucial role. 

4. Follow The Good SEO Guideline: 

These good SEO guidelines contain all the points that are necessary for an SEO campaign to succeed; 

Making your website mobile-friendly, investing in interesting content, using blogs and articles to your advantage, the whole shebang. 

HVAC SEO is no different; everything that makes SEO work good is going to be applied to SEO for HVAC as well. 

These are the necessary points to keep in mind before and while articulating your SEO strategy for your HVAC business. 

Ensuring the proper implementation of these points will result in an SEO strategy that not only passively builds business for you, but will also actively increase your digital presence. 

Should You Get SEO For Your HVAC Company?

Should You Get SEO For Your HVAC company

In one word? 

Yes, definitely. Those were two words, but it should let you know how much SEO is going to be important as we continue down this path of digital marketing domination. 

Since SEO directly affects the most important part of an entire business operation: sales, it is in modern times as crucial and as important as marketing in the olden days, where radio, TV and newspapers were the norm. 

We’ve previously listed all the benefits you get from getting SEO for your HVAC business, and if that doesn’t convince you to get SEO, well, it’s not going to be good for your business. 

Because it will directly increase sales you get from the digital realm, and is considered a steal considering its cost-effectiveness, not getting SEO in this day and age is bound to hurt your business, and hurt badly it will. 

Take our word for it. 

Make your goals lofty, but balance expectations with reality, since getting to the moon does not come without risk, and some hits and misses are bound to be a part of it. 

Budgeting is also important; good RoI means that you will have to spend less and earn more from the SEO kicking in and the business leads pouring in. 

But that in no way means that you should start seeing results and business leads from day one; give it time to grow and work organically, as this will ensure the best results. 

Getting An SEO Company On Your Case 

Getting an SEO company on your case

Getting a good SEO company is very imperative, because it will eventually make all the difference. 

Having a good strategy and a good SEO plan but a lousy company to implement it will hurt more. 

Having an okay strategy and SEO plan but a company that goes above and beyond will allow for a result that exceeds expectations. 

Because all the groundwork has to be done by the SEO company itself, you’re going to need a company that does the good work, and delivers again, above and beyond. 

But what exactly are all the hallmarks of a great SEO company? Let’s take a quick look at them. 

  • Track record: If you want a good look at the company, more than anything else, look at their track record.

    Their work history and the clientele they’ve had will tell you all that you need to know about the kind of services they provide.

    If they have a great track record, their clients swear by them and they show great growth, hire them. If any of those points are missing, you can probably do better in terms of having an SEO company.

    Remember, the better the team, the better the implementation.
  • Personnel: Team is important here, and the chops of an SEO company are shown by the team and personnel they have.

    Big names aren’t important, competitive ones and creative ones are. Nobody wants a celebrity for a technical task, they want a professional person there.

    With that said, personnel matters a lot; even newbies might be able to handle the pressure and deliver greatness while a seasoned veteran might fail at some point.

    Keep this in mind. 

Conclusion – SEO For HVAC Companies

In conclusion, you can take away this: SEO might not have the glamour of other marketing models and may vex you with its waiting period and whatnot, but don’t mistake it for a lost cause. 

Considering the popularity it still wields among digital marketing professionals, and how it utilizes Google’s incredible search and targeting tools for marketing purposes, 

Its pinpoint accuracy and its ability to churn out business leads, SEO might just be the best marketing gig that your HVAC business will receive. 

If you are seriously considering growing your HVAC business and getting in on the digital marketing game, there is no better way to start and keep going strong and high than by using SEO for HVAC. Take our word for it. 


Joe Smith October 24, 2022

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