What is Strategic Brand Management? Why is it important?

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Joe Smith
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April 9, 2021
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Strategic brand management is basically used by organizations to help their brands and services get worldwide acknowledgment. The expression “strategic” means that the cycle manages long-haul plans and resources of a brand. This incorporates integrative and reasonable strategies that guide an organization to make, create and deal with its image. This article talks about the part of Strategic brand management. In the advancement of a brand and the different sorts of marking methodologies accessible.

What is Strategic brand management?

Branding helps build up a brand and advance its products and services in the commercial monetary center. Strategic brand management depends on picking an appropriate methodology for the brand’s development and the successive refreshing of the technique. This drawn-out supportable approach makes it workable for an organization to enhance its products and administrations. It is an assortment of methods that assists with making an interesting identity for a company. By keeping up brand image, quality, and client connections.

Why is Strategic brand management so significant?

  • Gives more noteworthy appeal and identity to a brand
  • Upgrades client reliability and maintenance
  • Builds worker commitment and arrangement
  • Improves insights about product or service execution
  • Diminishes vulnerability to serious marketing activities
  • Quickens exchange participation and purchaser reaction
  • Builds marketing communication(MarCom) viability
  • Advances licensing openings

The strategic brand management Cycle

It is fundamental that each organization plans an elite Strategic brand management interaction. This is critical in building a remarkable character in the cutting-edge business world. Strategic brand management includes a couple of recognized viewpoints which are as per the following:

Arranging process identification: This guarantees that the estimations of strategic management are perceived and clung to across all divisions. The qualities should be lined up with the essential arranging measure and zeroed in on achieving the organization’s central goal and vision.

Brand positioning foundation: The demonstration of planning an organization’s proposition and breaking down its position in the market is known as brand positioning. This perspective helps with persuading purchasers about the organization’s favorable circumstances over its rivals and its credits. Brand positioning likewise incorporates a portrayal of the different affiliations that the organization is connected to and clarification about brand pith.

Brand marketing program usage: Brand marketing incorporates picking brand components (logos, pictures, images, and mottos) for the advertisers to use during brand promotion. This likewise includes making solid, ideal, and novel brand relationships by supporting marketing projects and exercises.

Brand performance measurement and interpretation: This assists with understanding the brand esteem chain by investigating the monetary effect of brand advertising investments. This additionally helps in surveying the wellspring of brand value and the setting of instruments and methods for working on brand performance measurement structure.

Brand equity growth and sustainment: This includes the use of the brand-product lattice, brand progression, and brand portfolio apparatuses to characterize the brand system. The achievement of an organization’s future marketing programs relies upon the brand value management framework. Advertisers need to think about global components, types of purchasers, and market fragments while overseeing brand value across different topographical areas and societies.

What are the types of branding strategies?

Brand name recognition

A solid brand name relies upon the scope of items and auxiliary brands that the organization manages. A well-established organization uses its image name to procure worldwide acknowledgment and prominence through its logo, trademark, or themes.

Individual Branding

This requires each brand to have a different name to keep away from competition against different brands that are controlled by a parent organization. Individual brand names help in setting up a one-of-a-kind personality for a brand that outcomes in more prominent adaptability in marketing comparative items with various qualities.

Attitude Branding

Such a marketing system isn’t bound to the nature of a product or its utilization. However, it addresses a bigger brand character. Attitude Branding includes interesting to a specific inclination that doesn’t really have an immediate association with the brand. An extraordinary illustration of this is the marketing methodology utilized by Nike with their slogan “Just Do it.”

Brand augmentation and dilution

Usage of a current solid brand name to make new or altered items are alluded to as brand expansion. This permits leader brands to enter another market, wherein the most recent form of an item is like the first item, with the exception of the modified name of the brand.

Private labels

A few retailers may have a solid brand identity, otherwise called store brands, which allows them to contend with different brands on the lookout. Private labels have gotten progressively mainstream at grocery stores and permit their items to outflank other established brands in the market.


These brands are made by ordinary citizens for brand advancement, permitting the general population to be involved in the brand’s naming interaction. This cycle limits the odds of danger from brand disappointment as the items include the individual interests of people taking part in the marking interaction.

How would you make a brand management strategy?

As you might’ve figured, there are in excess of a couple of moving parts to represent while making an effective brand management strategy. The main ones are:

  • Ensuring your brand positioning and values are adjusted.
  • Effectively check brand notoriety (who says what, where, and when).
  • Unify your image material to guarantee partners realize what to utilize where, when, and how.
  • Oftentimes estimating and breaking down brand management – affirming all brand exercises are on target.


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