Franchise Website Design

Eye-catchy and Minimalist User Interface lead to Potential Customers

Why is Franchise Website Design Important?

Every franchise or company might have a website, but is it appealing enough to bring visitors and convert them into customers? The franchise website design should be aesthetically alluring with a comfortable user interface to attract customers to your services. The appearance of your website is similar to your office. For example, if a customer comes into your office and sees broken tables, worn-out chairs, etc., it certainly will leave a negative impact. Similarly, if your Franchise website design isn’t eye-catchy and properly functional, there’s a high chance of losing a potential customer. A combination of both aesthetics and technical aspects can develop the best franchise web design.


Do You Know?

Visitors judge website based on aesthetics in just .05 seconds, it’s critical that franchises have a high-functioning website that attracts and engages visitors.(Source)

What makes our Franchise Web Design stand apart?

Most of the search queries are done on mobile rather than desktops or laptops etc. Franchise websites might be functioning correctly on desktops, but are they responsive enough for mobile users? Can they read text comfortably? Are your services visible and easily accessible to the user? Our Franchise web designs are responsive for any screen size the user is using. It is better to keep the consistent color palette just like your franchise has, but we can also develop tailor-made custom Franchise website designs for your business if needed. With a touch of UI, UX, and aesthetic design. Market Media Connect had a team of UI and UX designer that will design the digital face of your business.

How Do We Stand Apart?

Our primary goal is to provide best user-experience web design that complies with our SEO strategies as well. It will not only help your website have an eye-catchy look to attract customers but will also help in increasing the visibility of your franchise locally with SEO.

SEO Optimized Websites

Franchise websites need to rank on search engines for organic traffic and conversions. It can be achieved with the optimized layouts, quality content, responsiveness, or user-friendly URLs that google prefers. Our website designs comply with the policies and requirements of search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, etc.

Responsive Websites

Websites that are mobile-friendly have the edge over others in terms of Google ranking. Google prefers websites that are easily accessible and responsive for users. According to the research conducted at “Statista,” more than 90% of people use mobile phones to go online, and 55% of the web traffic comes from mobile users. It shows the importance of responsiveness for a franchise web design. Market Media Connect has done mobile-friendly website development for franchises over the years with client satisfaction.

Safe & Secure Website

Franchise websites should be safe and secure as visitors can fill in their information. It gives your website authority in the eyes of the customer as it is entirely safe. According to the survey conducted at “Jonroc,” 46% wouldn’t enter any information if it is not secure, and 64% of people say they would leave the website instantly. Here at Market Media Connect, we develop websites for franchises that are safe and secure for customers and optimized for ranking.

A/B Testing

Everything has room for improvement, no matter how perfect it may look. To improve the conversions, it is crucial to test each and everything. Franchise website designs have various aspects that can impact the conversions, and they can be buttons, navigation bars, footer text, etc. Here at Market Media Connect, we do A/B testing to check for better results and improve the conversion for your franchise business.

User-Friendly and Fast Experience

Every user is looking for a platform that is friendly and fast. If your franchise website isn’t giving the best user experience, then there’s a high chance you’re losing potential customers. At Market Media Connect, we have franchise web designs optimized explicitly for better user experience and faster loading speed to turn visitors into customers.

Why choose Market Media Connect?

Market Media Connect has been developing websites for franchises over the years with positive outcomes. We have the experience and know-how to rank well on search engines like Google. We can build custom web designs for your franchise that are fast, safe, and secure. With proven and effective web templates, we are confident to ensure the enhancement of sales and revenue. Our primary objective is to optimize your website with aesthetics to bring organic growth to your franchise.