Law Firm Website Design

Unique Websites That Convert Visitors into Leads

Why Do You Need a Website for your Legal?

As a law firm, your website is the face of your practice online. Your law firm website design is crucial in impacting your visitors and building your image and trust in front of them. It can be considered as important as your physical office because your visitors judge your practice on its basis. Market Media Connect offers Law Firm web design services that are unique and custom. With our help you can start converting visitors into leads in no time.

Our Mission

Do You Know?

70% of law firms have generated new cases through their website; having a good website is key to acquiring new clients and cases.(Source)

What Makes Our Law Firm Website Designs Stand Apart?

A perfect law firm website design depends upon many factors and goes beyond visual appeal. This in no way means that the site shouldn’t be eye-catchy and aesthetically appealing. However, it must also deliver the right kind of structure and flow to the visitor so that user is willing to buy your services.

Structure of images, content, videos, colors and themes all play an integral part in shaping and branding your law firm website design. The main goal here is to leave a lasting impression on the visitor so that he/she remembers your practice in the longer run.

What Does Market Media Connect Have to Offer?

Your law firm website design must be planned and implemented in a way that not only should it look stunning, but it should also be compatible with search engines and mobile responsive. At Market Media Connect, we cover each and every aspect of your law firm website design which makes sure that your website is compliant to the standards set in the legal industry.

Responsive Websites

A long while ago, everyone used to access the internet through desktop. Now a days, the scenario is far different, people are using their smartphones, laptops and tablets to access the internet. This means that your website must be optimized in all terms and aspects. In order for a website to function properly, it needs to be responsive to the type of device someone is using. Using the latest technologies, we build each website to be responsive and to work across multiple devices seamlessly.

SEO Compliant Websites

Lawyer website designs can be made SEO friendly in a number of ways. An engaging and optimized content piece or a user friendly URL are some of these examples. Our websites are built to comply with Google, Bing, and other search engines’ best practices to make sure website SEO friendly and perform well.

Optimized For Conversion

Unless your company’s website converts for customers, it won’t matter if it is beautiful and appears in search engine results. If you want to sell them your services, you will need to get them to call or Book a consultation. The number of visitors to your website does not matter unless you are focused on conversions. Our websites are built to be converting through a combination of compelling creative, live chat, simple forms, and above the fold layouts.

Super-Fast and Web Vital Optimized Website

Your website’s loading speed is determined by how quickly a page loads on your website. Search engine optimization is impacted by this as well as the visitor’s experience. Speed is a priority at Market Media Connect when building law firm websites. You can design and code your sites to load as quickly as possible on any device, whether it’s a mobile phone, a computer, or a tablet, resulting in a better user experience and improved SEO rankings for your business. We are immersing your website in the work you do to grow your practice.

Why Choose Us?

An effective legal website design combines UI and UX to attract visitors, rank in search engines, and convert them into customers. We use industry leading technology to provide a seamless user experience regardless of what your visitors are using to surf, make sure your website complies with the best SEO practices, and make sure your visitors have a fantastic experience. It represents your practice because the website is a direct reflection of it.