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EXXE Group posts Stellar Returns amid an Inconducive Market

EXXE Group, a consortium with a diverse fintech portfolio, has published its fiscal report for the fourth quarter and the.

Amazon Prime Has Reached 200+ Million Global Users

Jeff Bezos says that his video-streaming company now has more than 200 million global subscribers. Jeff Bezos, Founder, and CEO.

LinkedIn Has Added New Features That Help User Show Their Individuality

A critical new change permits you to present a video presentation to show your identity past your portfolio. Portfolios typically.

Facebook is Now Giving More Control to Users to Increase Trust in its Algorithms

Facebook now lets you control the content you see and when you see it, moving towards a more transparent mode of.

Domino’s is Now Delivering Pizzas Using Automatic Cars in Houston

Domino's Pizza is pioneering the pizza delivery business through automated cars. Different organizations may absorb a greater amount of the.

Free Legal Representation, “ROBO-LAWYER” Making Way for the Future

A historic AI project has been created which is set to satisfy the job of a lawyer and solicitor. At.

Press Release: Exxe Group Acquires Digital Marketing Agency, MMC

* MMC acquisition expands Exxe's tech asset base with new AI capabilities * MMC fintech media set to grow clients.

Gmail and Android System WebViewer Crashed on Monday. Here’s How to Fix Them

Gmail and many other Android apps like the Android System Viewer crashed and the issue remained for 7 hours straight..