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Global Ad Spend is Recovering Better than expected because of e-commerce and Digital Media Boost

Global advertising revenue is conjectured to break a record in 2021 as the world says no love lost to a.

Online Payments Will Now Have Increase Processing Costs

Credit card companies are increasing the processing cost for online payments and exchanges. As entrepreneurs anticipate more routineness and uniformity.

Google Has Plans to Halt Targeting Advertisements Based on Browsing History

Google has announced that it will not target ads based on individual search history. In a significant change for its.

Walmart Adds 3 New Providers of Marketing Services

  Walmart has now partnered with 3 more advertisers for its marketing brand Walmart Connect. This week, Walmart Connect, the.

LinkedIn Has Updated its Pages With New Features

LinkedIn Pages are getting exciting new highlights intended to assist organizations with creating drives, more engagement, more leads and access.

Word Count, Not a Quality Factor, says Google.

John Mueller insisted that the quantity of words in an article is certainly not a quality factor that Google considers..

Google Has Started Funding Linux Kernel Developers to Exclusively Work on Security

Google will financially support two full-time Linux developers to keep up and ameliorate Linux security in the long haul. Google.

Reddit Back Online After Going Down for An Hour

The social website is back online now and functioning properly. The social networking website Reddit is now back online after.