Reddit Back Online After Going Down for An Hour

Written By
Joe Smith
Published On
February 25, 2021
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2 minutes read
Reddit Back Online After Going Down for An Hour

The social website is back online now and functioning properly.

The social networking website Reddit is now back online after going down for a small period of time. This phenomenon occurred worldwide.

The social networking platform went offline when GameStop’s stock value jumped more than 100% Wednesday afternoon, just after it was announced on Tuesday that the retailer’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is going to resign. WallStreetBets has been the center of a lot of attention and activity on Reddit since last month’s bizarre charade that was related to GameStop shares.

No one really knows whether there is a connection between the outage or the stock surge, and there was no response from the Reddit spokespersons when they were asked about it.

The networking site website went down just after the 1 p.m. mark and stayed offline for an hour. It affected all reddit users worldwide, and both the website and the mobile app were down, according to reddit’s officials.

There was a tweet by the company’s main account on Twitter that read “We’ve observed a recovery and our systems are healthy — reddit is operational again”

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